Open Feasts is an event series collaboratively hosted by partners across the MN food system to generate awareness about the issue of wasted food and inspire change in our community.

Food is wasted at every stage in our food system, from the farm, all the way our homes, restaurants and institutions. Yet at the same time, neighbors in our community go to bed hungry. This event series came about because of local organizations that are passionate about sharing this information, and providing resources that enable us as a community to reduce the amount of wasted food and make sure everyone has enough to eat. Here you can learn more about the partners that come together to make these events happen, as well as access resources to learn about how you can reduce wasted food in your own home and our community. You can also read all the research and see what other folks around the globe are doing to reduce wasted food in their communities.

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Open Feasts will be at Open Streets this September 2019!

University of Minnesota + Motley on Sunday, September 8 from 11am-5pm.

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Open Feasts Partners

Learn more about the organizations
that make Open Feasts happen.

In Your Home

How to prevent, redirect, and recycle food waste in your own home.

Get Involved and Learn More

Opportunities to take action where you live and learn more about the issue of wasted food and the innovative solutions around the world.

Open Feasts Partners and Sponsors

Open Feasts would not be possible without the generous support of all partner organizations and sponsors. Partner organizations come together to make these events happen by offering their time, passion, expertise, supplies and equipment. Sponsoring organizations provide financial or in-kind resources to make the event run smoothly. We are so grateful to be part of a community that comes together around such important issues.

2019 Partners

Institute on the Environment 

The University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment (IonE) strives to confront sustainability challenges and accelerate the application of solutions. It uses the interdisciplinary tools of academia, brings thought-leaders together, and reaches outside the University to play a critical role in creating a sustainable future for Minnesota and the world.

Minneapolis Public Schools Culinary & Wellness Services

MPS Culinary & Wellness nourishes all children through access to quality food and active living. As a department, we serve over 22,000 meals each day to the nearly 36,000 students in the Minneapolis Public Schools. We are committed to scratch cooking, scratch cooking, food integrity, local food, and healthy eating.

Hennepin County Environment and Energy Department

Hennepin County’s Environment and Energy Department is committed to protecting the environment and conserving resources for future generations. Its programs focus on the reduction and responsible management of wastes, the protection of natural resources and the promotion of environmental stewardship.

Dakota County

The Dakota County Board of Commissioners understands the true cost of wasting food. Preventing wasted food not only saves it from landfills; it conserves the energy, water, land and labor it took to grow it. The Dakota County 2012-2030 Solid Waste Master Plan states that the County will develop a strategic and comprehensive organics diversion outreach program which includes reducing wasted food. Partnering with organizations like Open Feasts reaches residents where they are while also connecting staff working in these areas.

Taher, Inc.

Taher recognizes its role in changing the world, one customer at a time. We are proud to offer a complete portfolio of sustainability programs. We all share this earth and together we can solve the environmental issues we face. Therefore, as a leader in the Food Service industry, Taher has developed and implemented innovative policies, systems, and programs that encourage responsible and sustainable practices.

TC Food Justice

TC Food Justice works to reduce food waste and hunger by connecting unsold produce at farmer’s markets and grocers to hunger relief groups in the Twin Cities, and specializes in produce deliveries for smaller-capacity organizations. TCFJ volunteers do some produce deliveries using a bike and trailer.

The Food Group

The Food Group is an innovative nonprofit organization with a mission of fighting hunger and nourishing our community. Through our network of food shelves, meal programs, Fare For All sites and our newest program area, Big River Farms, we focus on equity, access, and nutrition issues related to food and hunger. We strive to prevent food waste whenever possible by redirecting surplus food to those in need. Through our produce programs, we rescue excess produce from farmers markets, fields and orchards.

Past Open Feasts Supporters


Tips to reduce your food waste and save money!

Get Involved and Learn More

Links to local organizations working to fight food waste and resources to learn more about the issue and innovative solutions around the world
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